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Bitdefender V10 wo FW : No speed


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Hi guys

I have some problems with my Utorrent application. I just discovered this torrent client. I´ve heard so lot of good stuffs about its capacities.

I have followed all the advices to reach the best consitions of using this programm (d/l=0,9*Speed kbps ; U/l=0,8*Speed kbps)

Randomize port each time µtorrent starts: UNCHECKED

Enable UPnP port mapping : UNCHECKED

Add µtorrent to Windows Firewall exceptions : UNCHECKED

Global Maximum upload rate (kb/s): 22

Protocol Encryption: ENABLED

Allow incoming Legacy Connections: CHECKED

Global Maximum Number of Connections: 130

Maximum Number of connected peers per torrent: 70

Number of upload slots per torrent: 3 (for 256k connection)

Use additional upload slots if upload speed <90%: CHECKED

Maximum number of active torrents: 2

Maximum number of active downloads: 1

Enable DHT Network: CHECKED

Enable DHT for new torrents: CHECKED

Enable Peer Exchange: CHECKED

Enable scrapping: CHECKED

Pre-allocate all files: CHECKED

Append .!ut to incomplete files: UNCHECKED

I have a speed measured d/l of 440kbps and a u/l 126kbps on this site http://www.internetfrog.com/mypc/speedtest/

I am using Bitdefender v10 (AV + AS ; no firewall)

I have readen the firewall option could cut the transfer but i don´t have this option.

The thing is I succeeded to download 1 movie with about 20kbps. But all the rest got a red color most of the time.

I am not finding any issue..

Somebody could support me please.

Thanks i advance for any comments..


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Whatever the cause, Im fairly sure it is not BitDefender's fault. What is the red thing you are talking about? Care to explain more clearly? If it is the availability bar in the general tab you are talking about, it might be showing red because there is nobody seeding the whole file of what you are downloading. Either it is a dead torrent without seeds or the tracker isn't working. I'm no expert, better wait for opinions from the mods.

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Thanks for requests.

Te red light i am talking about is the disponibility bar.

As u say xenogears, I was thinking it could be a wrong torrent but.

I´ve got a present list of 7 torrents "downloading". 6 of them are not disponible but they do have a lot of seeds and leechers.

They´re presenting arrows down with blue or red colors.

I really have no idea why can be the cause of this inactivity.

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If it shows red arrows pointing down then it could mean that the torrent that is downloading is not or cannot connect to the tracker. I get these occasionally when the torrent I'm downloading uses a private tracker and it suddenly disconnects from the tracker. It usually says "timed out" or something like that in the tracker status at the general tab. I get a red arrow pointing down when that happens. Usually the arrows will return to blue when it can connect to the tracker again.

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that´s very change.

I leave my computer on all days long.. And apparently, the link (torrents) are irregularely downloading. I don´t understand why the link isn´t keeping downlaoding permanently. It´s active one hour and then just stop...

The consequences are that for a movie I need one week instead of few hours..

Somebody got answer to this mystery...

Thanks for comments

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