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Utorrent Download Speed Advice


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I've done the port forwarding and static ip, Utorrent is displaying a green tick status but my download is still slow average 32 kB/s and upload is 70 kB/s

I'm using ADSL2

Download Speed: 2999 kBits/Sec

Upload Speed: 515 kBits/Sec

tested using tcpIQ Line Speed Meter

tested using DSLreports.com and download speed is cut nearly in half.

Preference Settings

Bandwith Limiting

Global Max Upload Rate: 70

Global max download: 1000

Number of Connections

Global Max Number of Connections: 375

Max No. Connected Peers per Torrent: 100

No. of Uploads Slots Per Torrent: 4

Disabled DHT

Protocol Encryption

Outgoing - Enabled

Allow Incoming Legacy Connections

Net.max_halfopen is set to 4

peer.lazy_bitfield is enabled

Any advices on how to make my download speed faster?

Thanks in advance

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