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Peer problems, even after EventID


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Ok, as we all know XP limits half open connections and that used to cause problems with sharing programs and dropping connections.

First off, let it be known my computer has been patched and has not been updated lately(but even though, i have checked the settings to make sure).

I seem to be encountering problems reaching maximum peer levels, IE:

107(599) and it will hover around 107, mimicking the half open connection issue that used to pose a problem. This is after hours, overnight, whatever.

I've tried reinstalling, cleaning any registry settings, tweaking half open connection settings in XP AND in the program in advanced, often times setting the program to half of the current setting in XP.

Nothing seems to work, my router is pretty lame and cannot be directly accessed, BUT all the sites say the port i am using is open, i don't get any errors on start up, uPNP has been enabled and disabled with a program restart after every setting change.. I've tried forcing encryption, enabling it, and disabling it, all with restarts.

Any ideas why my peers never seem to cap out? 103(595) (lost 4 peers now after typing this whole article).

NO other programs are running or using this port.

I am using comcast 6mb connection, and my upload speed has been set to about 75% of maximum(and even tried lower than that)

EDIT:Not really sure where to post this as i can still acheive max speeds, so it's definately not religated to a speed problem.

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Ok, as we all know XP limits half open connections and that used to cause problems with sharing programs and dropping connections."

your knowledge is not 100% accurate.

Half open connections have nothing to do with dropping of established connections you already have.

And via half open connections you can not share any content; ie. the number of them has nothing to do with your downloadspeed at all.

beeing connected to 107 of 599 peers is absolutely normal!

And just guessing from the number you gave while having a "typical" 6mb connection your settings are not correctly like the CTRL+G guide suggests.

(I guess you have 512 or 640k Uploadspeed at best with your 6mb connection. So more then 100 cons per torrent would indicate a wrong setting you choose since the max conns would be 90 resp. 100!)

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