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Wierd crashes with Windows Server 2003


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Ok, I have a living room PC that I use as a video jukebox (I've ripped my TV show DVD sets to divx).

It has no monitor, just the TV set, so I need to use Windows Remote desktop in order to do any

heavy administrative work on it. I also want to use this computer as my dedicated uTorrent machine,

since its on all the time anyway. My main PC is overclocked and noisy, so it would be nice to shut it

off overnight.

Anyway, I had Windows XP installed on the living room PC, but the problem with that is the one user

limitiation: I couldn't run uTorrent in the background while someone was watching videos on the TV.

So I installed Server 2003 instead. Now someone can watch videos on TV, while I'm simultaneously

logged in on another account which is running uTorrent.

Except that its crashing..

Specifically, if I log back into the account running uTorrent, I find that its NOT running. The little

green icon is there, but when you click on it, it just disapears. When you relaunch uTorrent, it has to

recheck any downloading torrents from 0%, just like a hard crash. I tired mimizing to the taskbar

instead of the tray, but the behavior is the same.

1. Is there any problem running uTorrent on Windows Server 2003?

2. Is there a problem running uTorrent remotely?

3. Has anyone else ever tried this?

Thank you for you help.

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Nope, I was just closing the remote terminal window, NOT logging off.

I don't believe that Server 2003 has "fast user switching", since you can

have multiple accounts logged on at once.

However, thats not the issue... I thought it only happened when I had

the remote terminal window closed, but last night it did the same thing

while I was sitting there watching it with the window open.

Basically, it just shut down and the icon disapeared. Right in front of me.

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