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Help With Torrent Sizes


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Hello All,

Please forgive is this has been answered before but I have a question involving the sizes of Torrents I download. I recently started downloading a torrent that was supposed to be 518 MB in size, but according to utorrent I have already downloaded 587 MB and it is only at 69.9% at that. Is there something I am perhaps doing wrong or something that I am not aware of?

Thanks for any help,

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Availability is the lower graphical red/white/blue bar on the details page, with the number (0.xx, 1.xx, 2.xx, etc...). It means how much of the total file you can see.

I've never seen so many hash fails before. I think something's up with that torrent. Unfortunately the creator of uT felt it unnecessary to add a peer-ban function in uT, so we're stuck connecting to whoever uT feels like connecting to, including "bad" peers sending bad data. :(

So you may need to either use a blocking program like PeerGuardian, or find a new torrent... :(

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Thank you for the help Guys,

Ok, The Availability is 1.998

Here is the update to the other stuff as well

71.4% downloaded (1.5% up from a little over 3 hours ago) total download time is 1d 13h

248 MB (973 Hash fails)

Seeds 0 (116)

Peers 7 (17)

Download Speed: Stays pretty consistent at 3.0 kb/s

I will try PeerGuardian and see if that helps,

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