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Slow speeds on a wired connection through a Netgear WPN824v2 router


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Hi all... this has been some 48 hours. I've been through three different routers (two Netgears and an Airport Express) as well as a wireless and now a wired connection, and I'm still getting some pretty annoying speed issues.

My setup:

P4 3.2GHz Windows XP PC w/ 1 GB of RAM

Optimum Online internet service through their own SurfBOARD cable modem

Netgear WPN824v2 wireless router, though my BT PC is wired directly through it

I'm also running cFosSpeed, but that doesn't seem to be doing much (it's a new install so maybe it's still calibrating?)

I have ports forwarded in my router configuration and in NIS in the above-50000 range. I currently have UPnP, DHT and IP resolve turned off in uTorrent, though I've seen no detectable difference in speed. Should I disable UPnP for my router as well? My router's Trend Micro firewall is turned off, as is the SPI firewall. Otherwise, the router settings are all at their defaults.

THE PROBLEM: Where to start? My download and upload speeds fluctuate wildly; sometimes I'll go into the triple digits, though most of the time it's low double digit and single digit transfer speeds in both directions. I have the TCPIP.SYS hack installed and my half-open connections set to 75 and 50 in Windows and uTorrent advanced settings respectively. I also experience significant slowdowns (a minute or more to load Yahoo.com) with my web browsing at times, though it's not as common as the slow transfer speeds. Despite the forwarded ports, I still get the yellow status signal at the bottom the uTorrent GUI and, before I disabled UPnP, the 'Could not map UPnP port' error message to go with it. I've plugging in directly to the cable modem, and I do see a speed increase. But I'm not so sure the router's the whole problem. I think that about covers it. I'm a total amateur when it comes to networking and wireless networking; anything I do know is self-taught. Anyone have any ideas about what the problem might be or what I could do to fix it? Many thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: The status light at the botton of the GUI also sometimes becomes the red "Not Connectable" icon, but the speed of the transfer doesn't necessarily reflect that (i.e. it's red right now and I've got a d/l going at 50+ kB/s).

EDIT 2: I knew I was forgetting something. Here are my DSLReports speed test results, as of a few minutes ago:

4855 kbps d/l

101 kbps u/l

62ms latency

My transfer settings in uTorrent are:

u/l limit = 45

connections per torrent = 50

max active torrents = 4

u/l slots = 3

global connections = 150

max active d/ls = 3

I usually have my u/l settings set higher, but I've been fiddling around to try to get this working. Thanks again all.

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If you've run a speed test and it say 101 kbps u/l, then you won't be able to sustain an upload speed over 12 KB/sec in µTorrent! Did you run the speed test with NOTHING else running that might use the internet connection?

Lower half-open connections in µTorrent advanced settings all the way down to 4.

To see if any of these settings are potentially causing overloads, reduce them to this:

u/l limit = 36

global connections = 90

connections per torrent = 35

u/l slots = 4

max active torrents = 3

max active d/ls = 2

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I re-ran the test this morning to be sure. The rates clocked slightly higher (5000 for d/l, 138 for u/l, 12ms latency). I'm adjusting the uTorrent settings to your suggested numbers now to see what happens. I'll report back with the results.

Nothing was running in the background that could be on the internet when I did the speed test this time, other than Norton and cFosspeed. Are these speed test results slow for a cable modem connection wired through a router? Thanks again!

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Okay... after a few hours with these suggested settings, I'm seeing an improvement, but I'm not where I was even when I had my original Airport Express wireless setup. With two downloads running and three torrents open total, my speeds have been fluctuating between 60 and 200 for the global d/l speed and between 10 and 18 or so for the global u/l speed. The Internet is moving acceptably fast when I browse. I still have the DHT settings, UPnP and IP resolve turned off. Also, I have protocol encryption set to "Forced."

14 kb/s seems really low for the upload speed. On my previous setup with this cable modem - the wireless connection through an Airport Express - I definitely saw much faster u/ls. My settings were for 40 during downloads and 60 when only seeds were open and I'd be maxing at both speed settings out most of the time.

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I did figure out one problem; I had cFosspeed favoring "ping time" rather than "bandwidth." My global download speed is now in the 80-130 range, but my upload has been holding steady in the sub-20 range (and for the past few hours, it's been mostly in the sub-10s). Should I put my u/l cap at a lower number, commensurate with the speed test results? Is there anything else I can do to improve my uploads? Thanks much for the help. It's definitely getting there.

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If the speed tests are consistantly showing a low upload bandwidth, then µTorrent's upload speed should be equally low because that's all the speed you're going to get. The conversion ratio is about 8.5-10 kilobits/sec bandwidth PER 1 KILOBYTE/sec file transfer rate. I use 10:1 to keep the math simple and allow for extra overheads, but upload speed while seeding only can be a little higher.

You may have a real problem with your ISP's upload bandwidth being capped due to other problems. ...if/since even web-based speed tests show the same low rate, it's probably safe to ask what you're supposed to be getting.

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Okay... I'll lower my u/l caps for now to mirror the results I've been getting from the tests (17 kb/s... yikes!) and give Optimum a call to find out what it's supposed to be. Still, my d/l speeds have improved remarkably since yesterday, when I was floundering around poking at different settings to see what they did. So that's a very good thing. Thanks again for all the help and advice.

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