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motherboard and usb


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my computer has something really wrong with it . i dont know whats wrong.

Packard bell imedia 6300

It has 128MB ram

20GB hardrrive


windows xp

yes utorrent did work on this perfectly.

basically when i boot up the computer the mouse doesnt work so i cant log in. i've tried switching the usb ports. however i did take the usb out booted up the computer and then put the mouse usb back in and it worked. then later on it stopped working. i tried the same again and a million other things and it wouldnt work. i have tried another mouse and that didnt work either so i believe theres something wrong with the computer. is there anyway i can fix this please help. i bought this in 2000.

Also i'm not to sure about this but if you buy a new motherboard can you buy any and it will work in your computer but all you have to make sure of is that it will fit inside of your computers case. also how expensive would a good one be. i would like to buy a motherboard as i dont want to spend too mmuch money on a new computer. also do the motherboards come with the ram and hardrive and those things

Any help would greatly be appreciated.

thank you very much.

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If you're going to buy a new motherboard, then chances are, you're going to have to buy a new processor. And new RAM. And maybe new hard drives. And a new graphics card. Just fitting in the case isn't the only requisite -- you need to worry about whether parts are going to connect properly too.

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