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Hi guys!

I just got utorrent today, and registered here 5 mins ago :P

So... I noticed that when i started utorrent for the first time, a screen came up and asked me about some network settings and some port thing that i never have heard of.

So i was just wondering if someone could give me all the best settings for my internet connection so the speed would be fast, and maybe post here some other ways to get more speed.

I get 1970 kb/s download rate

and 285 kb/s upload rate

at a speed test.


Please someone help?


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The Speed Guide (CTRL+G) is basing its settings on your UPLOAD speed value...not your download speed. So if you have a 2 megabit/sec download line you probably only have 256 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth...because most ISPs don't give much upload speed at all!

Your speed test confirms this with "285 kb/s upload rate" as your reported speed. That's only a tiny bit more than 256 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth.

Upload file transfer/torrent transfer speed is likely to only be 1/8th to 1/12th of that, because they're in KiloBYTES/sec (or KibiBYTES/sec according to some sites!)...and it takes about 8.5-12 kilobits/sec bandwidth to transfer 1 KiloBYTE/sec. So...for your line, the max upload speed you can probably get away with in µTorrent is 30 KiloBYTES/sec.

ADSL ISPs tend to give more upload than cable ISPs since ADSL lines aren't a directly shared resource (though they probably share the same internet gateway at the ISP's branch office just like cable lines do!)

I'm on ComCast Cable ISP in the USA, and I have 6 megabits/sec download bandwidth but only 384 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth...that's a 16:1 ratio! A similar ADSL line would probably only give me 3-5 megabits/sec download bandwidth, however I'd probably get 512 kilobits/sec or more upload bandwidth. Because BitTorrent download speeds are loosely tied to how fast you are uploading to people (tit-for-tat), having more upload bandwidth is worth more than having a huge amount of download bandwidth. BitTorrent tries to reward generous uploaders more than near-leechers (who set upload speed very low).

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