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Utorrent Rocks!


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Utorrent is the best program ive ever used, and i have never had more simpler torrent file making, and keeping track of my file's. Not to mention, im a moderator of multiple torrent website's, and i suggest Utorrent to all user's, as its very User FRIENDLY, not to mention very easy on the PC CPU Proccesses. That is the main reason i like it.

But... one question... Why is it that When DHT Is ON, it Cause's Utorrent to lag up like mad, and eat up around 50-90% CPU Proccesses, when it reach's over 190 Node's?

Thats the only Problem, other than that, its awesome.

Edited: {Yep edited just one part}

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I have uhh... 2 firewall's and 5.. ... routers... ... McAfee Suite Edition {2007}, and Window's Defender Firewall.

Also, my Network is ok, one port is opened for File Transfer Outbound & Inbound, so that Utorrent stay's in Green Status.

BTW Router's being used, are LinkSys Wireless G Router v5 801.1 {3 of these}, LinkSys Wireless G Router v6 801.1 {1 of these}, D-Link Wireless Router v5 {1 of these}

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