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I Want Share My Files But How?


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Bear with me, I'm new to uTorrent. I can download stuff just fine. However, I got a ton of stuff I want to share but I don't have a clue on how to set it up using the uTorent client. I read most of the guides and FAQ's but they didn't help. What's the easiest and most efficient way I can share al the files I have with uTorrent? Thanks.

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Since µTorrent/BitTorrent isn't your usual P2P protocol, it's not as easy to share all of your files with it as it is with... say... Gnutella (Limewire). If you're looking to share what you downloaded, well, you already do that, and if you want to let it continue sharing after you finish downloading, just don't stop the torrent. If you want to share new content, check out the guide here: http://www.utorrent.com/torrent.php

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EXACTLY. PLEASE leave your torrents running as long as you have them on your drive! If you would like to move the files, move them, then re-locate them in uTorrent by stopping the torrent and choosing "Set download location" under the right-click menu, "Advanced". You are the only person that can help be sure the torrent stays alive - you don't download from a server or "divinely selected" peer, you download from people like you that have the torrent still running! :)

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Thanks for your reply. I gotcha. I can share existing torrents I downloaded by leaving them running so others can download them from me. And I suppose to share stuff I already have, I would have to create a torrent and publish it somewhere for all the world to see. I'll read the manuals you suggested to get up to speed on all this. Thanks again!

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For now interested only in uploading but...

Error messages...given by uTorrent itself

1)"Checking port 35068 on 65.19.2xx.xxx...

Error! Port 35068 does not appear to be open."

2)"Unable to map UPnP port" and the hour & minute accompanied with the little yellow triangle caution icon

Actual programming guide is titled "Paradyne ADSL CPE"

In this the router is labeled as Paradyne 6211-I1-xxx,

.pdf Manual says this:

"This manual describes three models:

Model 6210 – is set in the factory to run in bridge mode. It does not have any router Model 6211 – is set in the factory to run in router mode. It supports ADSL.

Model 6381 – may be set by you to run in bridge or router mode. It supports ADSL/R."

.pdf Manual page on port forwarding is like that of the PortForwrd.com guide (latter devotes itself specifically to '6381') making both UNLIKE the actual router page ['Paradyne ADSL CPE'] brought up when

'dialling' the browser with my local IP address.

This ...actual.. programming guide lists both port forwarding and port triggering as features available.

But is - as already noted above - DIFFERENTLY configured than the pages given by .pdf manual or PortForward.com manual which are identical.

I think you have my e-mail address. Perhaps you would be in touch there, when you find time.

Thanking you...in advance; this is....

<jasé>.... here

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My clip from a reply to the note that said 'do not reply'..slow learner, here.

"Please thank Switeck for his good work.

I totally apologize for being so ill informed.

I found the correct manual.

Still set out to enable forwarding and glitched my Paradyne...three days

before I found it had a reset button. Local tech no help.

I am now...I think...bridged from the pc end around on the router as gateway...if that's right.

Getting instruction on router reconfiguration from the ISP (didn't actually burn the router out! Didn't really think I had, nice though.)...

All of that.Anyway the support much appreciated.

I will be in specific touch with the blog or Switeck ...to acknowledge your good work."

So there's that. Be well. I know where to ask when I get smarter.

I've got all referenced above...think I'm going end-around on that too.

Learn torrenting from bottom up maybe & more or less.


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It is possible to share your current files that u have d/l from places besides ur utorrent, if im not mistaken, by uploading thru a torrent site. I am tryin to figure out if there is a way to resume a partial d/l, like one from limewire, and rename it for utorrent so i can resume it there. I tried renaming, and keep doing something wrong. I tried to follow the insrtuctions on the following http://utorrent.com/migration_guide.php, anyways, help anyone. And like many others, please explain to me like a child

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