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i'm on broadband... is these settings ok?


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i've read all i can in the forums... but i didn't find anything about being on broadband.

please help.... i just need to know is this ok or not? i'm from asia. ^_^

i used utorrent last year with DSL. & it was all fine, w/ green status & all.... but then...

i upgraded my system. i'm currently on win xp home sp 2. i transfered to a new home - a more remote one that DSL lines are not available. so i tried broadband connection w/ the speed of 384 kbps

i have utorrent 1.6.1

now i get red status in the incoming connections at the bottom.

i tried;

portforwarding, & it said that ANY of the ports i typed is not open.

disabled UPnP

disabled DHT

doing the max.halfopen to 4

doing the 2 queue.dont_count... to false because whenever utorrent is open, i got slower surfing.

doing the global max # of connections to 200

i have no antivirus other than AVG anti-spyware, & utorrent is already on the excemption list - same w/ my windows firewall

unchecking 'resolve IPs'

my dl is from 9.9 kB/s to 25 kB/s, & ul from 24 kB/s to 5 kB/s.

on a 275 MB file... utorrent estimates to finish it between 3-6 hrs....

so that's it... i dunno if all the setting are fine or not.

any tips & solutions is appretiated!

thanx! ^_^

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to ultima,

& that's my problem, i dunno what my router/modem is.... all i know is that this is NOT DSL, & uses antenna of the sort, the LAN cable attached to my pc is attached directly to the broadband antenna, no routers or modem here....

to switeck,

those setting i posted yesterday were to the xx/384 speed guide... i've now switched it down to xx/256... i'm yet to find out if the speed is better or the same though.... its say on the taskbar that i'm on 28.3 kB/s down, & 11 kB/s up....

so now, i have to leave for work... so i wouldn't know until later...

thanx so much guys!

if there's anything u wanna teach me, feel free, i'll be sure to read your posts later.

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Im not a troll i just felt i needed to point out that DSL is broadband and can compete well with cable barring distance barriers. Our dial-up and ISDN brethren need our sympathy but anyway :) Call me old fashioned but I am wary of anything that doesnt have wires..I think it's a childhood issue stemming from old tech wireless game controllers he he anyways I hope u work it out friend.

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@jonax00: Mm... wireless connections are a bit more limited than wired in that they might flake out more quickly with an increased number of connections... Perhaps you might want to lower the global max to 100... or something (though that's a random guess -- maybe Switeck can provide better numbers :P).

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Sadly, if you're even sustaining 16 KB/sec then even the xx/256k setting is too much for your connection. :(

Try testing lower settings till you find one where your upload speed max is actually reached and sustained.

It could be that your ISP is randomly generating packet loss to force your BitTorrent client to be a lot less efficient than it should be....though this is just a complete guess on my part! µTorrent should at least try to reach the upload speed max and then it gets throttled down by how slowly the receivers reply back that they received the uploaded parts.

I can only suggest below 100 connections max for wireless connections, though some robust setups work just fine with higher numbers. It generally depends on how much packetloss the wireless is having and how far the wireless distance is (less is better) as well as how much metal is in the way as well as possible interference from microwave ovens, air ionizers, cell phones, cordless phones, etc...

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to dmnlma,

hey, i'm old fashioned too, y'know. & circumstances were different, w/o a doubt i would still be using DSL till now... but, DSL haven't reached our location yet... so this is the only way - for now.

to ultima & switeck,

thanx so much for the insights! =) it really helped & added my knowledge in torrent. i'm content with your answers... ;)

i have now lowered my global connections to 100. the results at my taskbar says, between 20-30 kB/s down, 15-23 kB/s up.

i understand now the difference between wire & wireless connections... so if DSL will be available here in our place, i'll be sure to switch ASAP! but until then, i guess i have to contend with this speed. :|

if ever u'll have something, let me know, k?

thanx again guys! =)

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