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severe problems with 1.1.2


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µTorrent was the best BT client i've ever tried, it was downloading at max speed (Cablemodem 512K down) without any problems. Today the update window popped up, I agreed and I updated to 1.1.2. Since that moment I couldn't download another single bit. I tried to reconfigure it, to add new torrents, to restart everything, to stop, resume, pause, resume, bandwith allocation; everything. But the up/download speeds keeps at 0Kbps.

¿What shall I do? ¿Download 1.1 again and overwrite it?

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Version that I testet was very, very good.

The New version 1.1.2 is a totally disaster.

I started downloaded the files that started with v1.1 and I lost over 10 Gb.

The new version did not resume my files, it added the same file above the old one. so I lost 7 DL:s, each one on 1.2-1.5 Gb in this process.

Furthermore. The DL:s just stopped after a while and nothing ever DL:ed again. I checked the settings and removed the UPNP crap but the DL did not start at all anyway. I shut down Firewal (ZoneAlarm Pro) at no avail. I shut down McAfee AnitVirusScan (v9.1) at no avail.

Nothing here is working at all.

I went back to the old version 1.1, No Upload.

What is wrong here!!!

I deleted this program and went back to my old Azureus and now everything is working again as it used to do.

Too bad such a new and nice program just fucked everything so soon!!!

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