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DI-624 Wireless


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I am new to this. I want to speed things up, on average I see speeds of 0-9 Kb/s, I am running Utorrent off my laptop conected through my DI-624 Wireless router. I was wondering if anyone could give a step by step setup to speed things up, or at least work with me till I figure this stuff out. My IP adress for my laptop is assigned automaticaly under my TCP/IP protocols, I understand I have to setup a Static IP but I am afraid I will screw things up for my laptop conection. The port I am using on Utorrent is 48738. I can work my way around the router if someone babies me. Help Please.

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Thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it.

I am currently using Utorrent 1.6.1

UPnP is enabled on my DI-624

My Speed seting are as follows

Upload limit 0kB/s Upload Slots 4

Connections 50 Connections Global 200

Max active torrents 1 Max active downloads 5

I am currently downloading Slackware

I have encryption enabled

I have UPnP enabled

Utorrent is added to my firewall

I am sitting behind my router on a wireless link using my laptop

One last question, what movie torrents should I look for, when I do a search there are so many to choose from, what should I look for in regard to seeds, leaches, and file name. I use Winrar and WinAVI to convert then DVD shrink, awesome program. Just learning all this stuff, never too late.

Thanks again

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Sorry for the late response, sometimes the huge horde of new posts pushes old ones out of my view and I fail to notice "Page 2" (or even "Page 3"!) posts. Plus my computer was completely down for a couple days due to a complete format and reinstall...it was getting too unstable to use.

Upload speed should almost never be set to 0 KB/sec...only a 100 megabit/sec upload line could possibly get away with that. Find what your internet connection's max upload speed is and set upload speed in µTorrent no more than 80% of that. With wireless, you might even want to reduce it a more to 50-70% max if there still seems to be trouble.

I cannot recommend max upload slots, max active torrents, or max downloading torrents till I know what your connection CAN do. But I must say that max active torrents SHOULD be higher or equal to max downloading torrents. active = seeding + downloading torrents.

I don't recommend more than 100 Global connections for anything short of 1/2 megabit/sec upload lines. Too many connections just makes more overhead and actually cuts into your download and upload speeds. Couple that too with wireless, and it just makes good sense to be 100 or lower.

Is µTorrent currently getting the green light at the bottom of its window? (that means it's not firewalled.)

If you can, it is better to use manual port forwarding from your router to your computer than UPnP. UPnP puts an extra load on your computer as well to a smaller degree on your router. (...since manual forwarding costs it some 'cpu power' as well.)

Lastly, downloading most movies in most countries is an illegal copyright violation. There are some that are legal to download, but they are by far the exception rather than the rule. You could get in trouble likewise because of this. However there are a lot of people who do this and a few receive a warning from their ISP threating immediate internet loss and possible LARGE fines if they do not cease and desist. Normally, that's all that happens...but losing broadband can really suck. Many ISPs have a 2 or 3 strikes and you're out/disconnected policy concerning copyright violation notices.

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