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Can anyone help, theses download speeds are horrible


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I have recently been having very slow download speeds, it came up all of the sudden and I don't understand why.

This I have compared to my friends computer who has the same setup as me but his downloads are much faster then mine. Example both started to down load a movie at the same time and the same movie his finished in 3hrs mine is not done and is telling me 3 weeks to go.

I have done a speed test and my speeds are good for my cable modem download speed 3000kb/s and upload 258kb/s latency 79ms.

Also my port is open and accepting connections.

I am with rogers cable not extreme but the one just below that.

But when i try to test my port forwarding it gets this error message 75% of the time

I have taken my router out of the equation by connecting my cable straight to the computer, and yes i did completely uninstall zone alarm but still had the same reaction, so i just reinstalled it.

I usually get a green light.

I have forwarded my port on zonealarm

upload limit: 10kb/s

connections (per-torrent): 1000

Max active torrents: 8

Upload slots: 3

Connections (global): 2000

Max active downloads: 5

On my "tracker status:" I keep getting "Connection closed by peer"

Can anyone help, theses download speeds are horrible.

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I found this in another Thread. A possible work around.

rogers throttling work around


1. www.secureix.com

2. register

3. get a user and password

4. Enter the 'Control Panel'

5. Select 'Network Connections'

6. Click on the "Create a new connection link"

7. Select "Connect to the network at my workplace"

8. Select "Virtual Private Network Connection"

9. Enter "SecureIX" as the company name

10. Select "Do not dial the initial connection"

11. Enter "vpn.secureix.com" as the Host name

12. Check the "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop"

13. Click "Finish"

14. utorrent port 1750

DL now FAST and Uploads working...

their server is overloaded right now and i'm getting some disconnects but upload speed went from 5kB/s to 100 kB/s

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