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Repeat: Odd error messages


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I posted this question on 2006-12-25 but I got no reply, whatsoever, so I'm trying again.

Some time ago I installed an English version of µTorrent. Very regularly at the start and occasionally, lately, I get one of two error messages in the 'Status' column *in the language of my operating system* - not in English.

One announces 'Wrong parameters' and the other says 'Invalid data'. Both of them cause a complete stop for the torrent involved and no attempt at all at recovery. Both of these happen in very specific circumstances: a) whenever I choose not to download parts of a torrent, and B) during the first 1 to 1.5% of the download. Never with a complete torrent, never past the first few parts of a download. Odd, no? Any ideas, anyone? (I'm thinking it's a C++ thing, but I'm not too familiar with the language).

Additional info, w.r.t. original post:

When I click on either message and tell it to 'start' again, it goes through the process of 'Checking... nn%' (whatever that means) and then proceeds to download. Mostly, if not always, without any problem.

Anyone? Error messages in a language, foreign to uTorrent's install language? Qué?

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Umm - this interface gives no information about whose reply I am replying to. So here goes for both of you. @Firon: yes, I am, W98SE, using *lots* of net related & timing critical software (Usenet, LimeWire, etc.), have been for years, no probs whatsoever. -- @Ultima:I think you may be right, of sorts - I've read quite a lot of messages on the 'net about uTorrent claiming to be W98 compatible, but showing quite some flaws in that respect. I am not complaining, mind. Once it's past the ~2% mark, it plows on like a charm. Provided I don't change anything to the status (skip or download) of the parts of the torrent I want to download, while it's working - that's rather touchy, apparently. Most of the time, this causes uT to stop. Not crash, just stop. A click on the green arrow sets things in motion again. But I still think it's odd. Both the alloglossic stuff and the fact that it's only happening during the first 1-2% of the download.

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