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How To Up Seeding Speed


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Alright folks!

Is there anyway to use most if not all of my bandwidth when seeding? I can download at around 170Kbs but once my downloads complete & im seeding it only uploads at around 5kbs which at that speed takes forever to get my ratio back up.

Im looking to upload at about 150Kbs to get my ratio back up quickly instead of leaving it running in the background for hours on end uploading at 5 - 10Kbs.

In the connection settings/bandwidth limiting iv checked the "Alternate upload rate when not downloading" box & set it to 150Kbs & set the bandwidth allocation on the torrent to "High" but it's still uploading really slow at no more than 15Kbs :(

Any help would be much appreciated.

Cheers! ;)

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Your internet line/wire/whatever to your ISP may just be really slow.

You've probably only got 128 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth, which at MOST can only upload around 12-15 KB/sec...with the 15 KB/sec amount being only a 1-second burst rather than a sustainable amount.

The only thing you can do is set upload speed max (the alternate speed while not download at least) as high as µTorrent can sustain...found through testing for a couple minutes.

You probably will be stuck needing 10x longer to seed than it took to download something.

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Cheers for the reply mate.

I can defo upload faster than 15Kbs tho as iv uploaded at speeds between 50 - 75Kbs & maybe even higher before but it always seems to be while im downloading (i was using ACB as my client at the time aswell) if that makes any difference?

If i can get that kinda upload speed while downloading & don't see why not when im just seeding?

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It shouldn't matter what BitTorrent client you're using.

Even an old BitComet (like v0.5x) should be able to max out your upload bandwidth.

However, you NEED to know what the upload bandwidth max is so you can set your upload speed max in µTorrent to prevent having overload problems.

And I can't just guess that value for you. :(

It does no good to set upload speed max in µTorrent faster than your internet connection can sustain.

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Firstly, your ISP should tell you the bandwidth of your line -- both down and up -- if you ask them.

Secondly, you'll need to test your speeds to confirm you're getting close to what you're paying for.

Thirdly, µTorrent uses your upload bandwidth in kilobits/sec to choose the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting to use.

So if your speed tests show 200 kilobits/sec upload bandwidth, you'd choose the xx/192k setting in Speed Guide.

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