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No Incoming Connections - Port Forwarding Problem


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I just can't seem to get this working and have almost had enough. I have read through all the instructions everywhere i can and done all the configurations as specified for my router - still not working.

What I have is:

- Linksys WRT54G v5 Wireless Router

- Belkin ADSL modem connected to router via ethernet

- router connected to PC via ethernet

- Windows Firewall was configured to allow uTorrent but I have disabled it to try and get this to work

- have set PC to have a static IP address

- have disabled the firewall in the Belkin modem

- have set port forwarding as per instructions for the Linksys

- disabled UPnP


Please help someone.

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hi there wondering if any one can help im using a wag54gs version 1.1 and never get a green tick with no incoming connections can some one please help me to configure it so i can get it to work properly i am on a up to 8 meg connection thank you

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Definitely connect your computer (or router) to your modem via ethernet if at all possible. USB usually requires unreliable drivers and is almost always slower even if it otherwise works perfectly.

(Nevermind, seems you already did that...but I'll leave it mentioned for other readers.)

abbycar and dub26

Your modem may have a mini-router and/or firewall in it that needs to be disabled or configured.

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I have configured the Belkin modem in the Virtual Server settings as per guide on Port Forward.com, but still no incoming connections and no green arrow. I am about to throw all this right out the window as I've been working with this for ages and ages with it not getting fixed. Should I change my router and modem over to an all-in-one setup?

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You'll need to read your modem's manual to do so. Lost your manual? download another from the manufacturer's website...find that on google. :P

Can't find the manufacturer's website, ask your ISP.

If your ISP can't tell you how to get a modem manual, then you probably don't want them as your ISP.

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