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Suspicious Seeders & Leechers IP's -- from Big Brother?


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I excountered these two IP sections today in uTorent session:

208.10.X.X 38.100.X.X

There're bunch of them, and they results in abnormally frequent

"FAILED HASH CHECK" and abandoned trash data.

after a few hours of work, I found the posts about fake seeders & leechers at:


where a guy asked about some suspicious IP sections which seemed to be fake seeders & leechers. That post is from May 2006, but the questioned IP's are exactly the ones I met today (Match 2007): 208.10.X.X 38.100.X.X

The horrible thing is that these two IP sections are both from Washington D.C. Could they be from FBI or any government agent? Big Brother?

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may I introduce you to MediaSentry and their nice poisoning Range? :P


if you are pissed, that they waste your bandwith, just block these 2 well known ranges they use in your ipfilter.dat file within µT


P.S. That they are also on this copyrighted torrent and try to poison it, is in most of the cases a sign that the torrent is NOT a fake and the content is really what it claims to be. :)

P.S. P.S found a nice picture linked on TPB


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