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Hey All,

I just recently started seeing this popup from my firewall app.

When I start uTorrent, it says it's being contacted from a remote server (ip always different). Note: This application was launched by DevLdr32(devldr32.exe).

Do You want to allow it access to the network? Yes, No

I do not remember seeing this before. uTorrent already is allowed access to the network. If I click Yes to the above, it allows devldr32.exe access to the network. This seems very strange to me.

If I click No, uTorrent will not make any connections - even though it is allowed on the network within the firewall settings.

I did some research and found out that devldr32 is used by Creative products. I have an old SB64 card. But I'm confused as to why there is a connection between devldr32 and utorrent?

Anyone experience this?


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I am not the least bit sure about what version of windows you're using, why that file would still be on your computer if it's related to Creative Labs hardware you removed, or what firewall you are running that's spotting this weird behavior.

Until then, I'm clueless.

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