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Port Forwarding on Wi-Fi 802.11g HELP!


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Hey everyone,

Im using wi-fi connection with my wireless sagem 802.11g adapter. I have Windows XP Pro installed with Service Pack 2 integrated. My wireless adapter connects me to my Sagem F@ST 3202 (Livebox) to get internet access. The problem is that any ports i use with Utorrent seems to be closed. The icon at the botton right of Utorrent is red and sometimes it shows the yellow exclamation mark. I get speeds below 1 kb!!! How can i forward ports? Help me someone! Anyone can add me up on msn messenger @ Kyle_13_666@hotmail.com. I heard about the Lvllord patch. Should i try it?

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@Ultima: Don't you mean from a Wireless Internet Service Provider? I've had no problems forwarding ports via a personal wifi router.

@ODM: Try looking at portforward.com for help. Also, remember to set a static IP (instructions on same site).

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I use a "hotspot" with my laptpop wireless adapter. My ISP claims all ports are open and forwarded. I've never had a "Green" connection indicator ever. Always yellow or red. I show many seeds and peers connected but not many sharing. My question is: can anyone else get a "Green" indicator using a hotspot?

I've tried all the setttings on Utorrent from the forums and still show ports not open.

I notice when peers are making "req's", I get good sharing but I don't know what that means.

Any advise is appreciated.

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1) How do you define "hotspot"? If you can let us know what hardware is it, what model number, etc. - is it the same Sagem F@ST 3202 (Livebox) you mentioned above?

2) Do you have admin rights for this "hotspot"?

3) When your ISP claims all ports are open (and how can they know ports are forwarded since that is typically a personal router function) does that include UDP packets (if not you may not be able to use DHT - see what happens if you disable it in uTorrent)?

4) Did you setup a static IP address from your Sagem F@ST 3202 (Livebox) using a private IP address, or do you have to get it directly from your ISP?


5) Did you go to portfoward.com and did you follow the instructions for setting up your Sagem F@ST 3202 (Livebox)?

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@abbadOn, you may have me confused with OriginalDeadman. He has the router you refer to.

My ISP is a wireless service that I access thru their router from my laptop, similar to hotels and such but mine is at a marina. I have no control over the router, so I inquired and they said all ports are open.

@Switeck, good question, The ISP sets the my IP address and it's always the same.

I disabled all firewalls, adwatchers, popup blockers, antivirus and anything else that may case interference but still show yellow and red indicators.

I also increased the number of connections I can access but nothing helps.

I think the tracker is limiting the bandwidth ?

I have plenty of seeds and peers but dl and ul speed cycles, (100-300kB's down to 10kB's).

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