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Download Speed = Poor


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Ok ive posted on this forum before but forgot my log in and password :):P

OK here is problem:

Basicly i posted before about that i had 1 Meg broadband connection, and was getting rubbish download speeds for Utorrent even with loads more seeders than leachers, i was told to change my Connection type from speed guid in the menu. He said set it to: x/128 ( something about uploading instead of downloading)

This worked, but recently ive had my connection updated now instead of 100 kb/sec download from server etc.

Now i get around 320/kb a sec download from a server, but now im not sure what to set my connecion type as. Im getting like 30 Kb a sec download atm with utorrent, even when there are say 32 seeders 3 leachers for like a 25 meg file. I use Peer Guardian 2 but this doesnt realy have a effect on my d/w speed.

Please Help


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Yes, but did your UPLOAD bandwidth max change any?

If it didn't, you really won't gain anything by telling µTorrent to upload faster than your connection really can. µTorrent would sent out excess upload packets, your modem or ISP would intentionally lose random ones to get the speed back equal or under max. ...and sometimes the lost packets were important!

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