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Accessing webUI through Hamachi?


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Anyone who succeeded?

I tried but no luck so far...

from local machine I can access webUI, but as my Inet connection is behind several routers (and no real IP) I decided to try Hamachi ... any other ideas how to access webui remotely?

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Go to the computer running µtorrent and webui.

First. Try it on


and see if it works. If it doesn't work it isn't gonna work on Hamachi either.

But if it does work try it on your hamachi IP (still on the the machine running on µtorrent/webui). You can find this when your logged into Hamachi don't remember exactly where and I don't have it available right here.


If it doesn't work like that it isn't gonna work remotely either. In that case it might be some weird firewall or indeed Hamachi itself.

But if that does work. Try it on another PC connected to the same Hamachi network. Type exactly the same url as in the previous test. This should work now. If it doesn't try another PC on the network. It might be some weird setting on the remote PC...

(bold url parts have to be replaced)

Tell us where it goes wrong and what error you get.

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