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More than one Folder, without ... underfolder o_O


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i have to make often torrents with more than one folder. so i always have to move them in a folder which i make to torrent. what i mean...

...\Folder 1\

...\Folder 2\

i want to make folder 1 and folder 2 in ONE torrent. so i have to move both folders to "folder 0"

...Folder 0\Folder 1\

...Folder 0\Folder 2\

Now, when i make Folder 0 a torrent, both Folders are in it. BUT - is there a way to make that torrent without folder 0? so i don't have to move them in another folder?

I hope you know what i mean, my english is too bad...

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I don't think there is a way. Besides, it's easier for the downloaders to organize their torrents when each torrent's data is under one folder (or in one file).

Aside: You maybe able to link folders within another folder without actually moving them by using symbolic links / hard links / junction point depending on your operating system, partition format, and whether you have the necessary utility installed.

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Its not posible and I agree with Terence here that it would make things unclear for downloaders.

Now each torrent is either 1 file or 1 directory. When torrents start to create multiple directories in the (default) download location users might have trouble identifying which folders are part of which torrent (I typically have 70 or 80 torrents in my download directory so this would mean hell for me personally).

Especially if its gonna be folder names like /CD1 and /CD2... And if you are gonna use /Application CD1 and /Application CD2 You might as well make /Application containing /CD1 and /CD2.

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