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uTorrent hogging my e-mail server ?? Upload Speed ?


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Ever since I have installed uTorrent, sending large e-mails are a pain.

I use MS Outlook and have never had a problem sending e-mails of 1-5 mb in size (my ADSL speed is 1.5/256).

Since installing uTorrent, everytime I send an e-mail between 1-5mb in size I get this message:

"Your SMTP Server has not responded in 60 seconds...."

This happens when I DON'T have uTorrent running !!!! It seems something is hogging my Upload speed....and I'm assuming it's uTorrent since it's only been slow since I installed it.

Has anyone had a similar problem?


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1mb --> 5mb e-mails aren't "massive". These have been sent with ease in the past....and they eventually get through after about 5 minutes.

But you're right - how can uT be using bandwidth?? No idea, I just thought maybe someone had a similar problem.

More likely spyware I guess....

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