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Download Speed Going Up & Down!!??


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I have the BT Voyager 205 ADSL Router

7.6mb Connection

WinXP Pro

SP1 (SP2 kills my bandwith for some reason)

UTorrent Version 1.6.1 (b490)

Mcafee Viruscan Enterprise v8.5.0i


Did have 'Loon n Stop' firewall but disabled since transferred over to a router

When looking at my download info and figures, my DL's go up and down!!??...like a rollercoaster!

1 minute its 150 - 200 KBs and then next it falls down to 1-2 KBs after a few minutes!

(with same files being downloaded!) and then goes back up after a few minutes!

It's still the same whatever I'm downloading!

Utorrent settings are as follows:

Port is 59093

Randomize Port Off

Enable UPnP Off

Add Utorrent to Win Firewall Off (dont have SP2)


Downstream Speed 7616 >951 KBps but set to 665 (70%)

Upstream Speed 448 >56 KBps but set to 40 (70%)


Global max Upload 35

Global max Download 749

Gobal Max Connections 100

Max Nos of Con Peers/Torrent 50

Use Additional Upload Slots On

Enable DHT Network On

Enable DHT for new Torrents On

Ask Tracker for Info On

Enable Peer Exchange On

Protocol Encryp Enabled

Allow Incom Legacy Connections On

Are these settings okay? and would this setup have any bearing on the up & down speed??

Also I get occasional reports in Mcafee as follows.....

"16/03/2007 02:29:22 Blocked by port blocking rule C:\Utilities\uTorrent\utorrent.exe Anti-virus Standard Protection:Prevent IRC communication"

Any help would be appreciated


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McAfee firewall (inside Mcafee Viruscan Enterprise v8.5.0i) is being stupidly paranoid for blocking the outgoing transfer to port 6666.

SP2 kills your bandwidth probably because of the default half open max limit of 10.

...did you change µTorrent's half open max limit? (it defaults to 8)

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