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GVT Brazil (Telco) is throttling BT


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Looks like it started this month.

- It's from 11 AM to 8 PM (priority to business traffic?);

- It's only for incoming streams; outgoing ones are not throttled;

- Max incoming speed before throttling is 8kB/s; but when throttling starts it dips below this value.

Setting up uT so only encrypted incoming traffic is accepted gives a higher average incoming rate (depending on the specific torret). It requires a uT restart after encrypted only is selected.

Suggestion to uT development team: the scheduler should be able to turn encryption on/off and without a uT restart.

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Changing encryption settings would probably require breaking and remaking connections to peers and seeds. Currently, Scheduler cannot change encryption settings at all...restart or not.

However you may or may not need to disable legacy connections as well as enabling/disabling encryption to get "extra" speeds while throttled. (It really depends on the ISP's throttling method!)

You can also tell scheduler to go into SEED only mode (if you wanted) during throttled hours using SHIFT + left-click on a timeslot.

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