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Where are my Deleted Torrent Files/Downloads going???


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When I start to DL a Torrent & it won't DL, I obviously want to delete the Torrent File & The Partial Download.

Lets say I DL a 2 gig file using utorrent

Lets say I have 170 gigs left on my hard drive

When I hit the DL button I now have 168 gigs left on my hard drive

The Torrent doesn't DL so I right-click it & hit Delete Torrent File & Download Folder

I still have 168 gigs left

NO files were ever sent to my recycling bin...

This is a great example of what I'm talking about. I seriously have probably 7 or 8 gigs floating around on my computer that were never used from utorrent.

I hope I explained this good. Can someone please give me a pointer on how to find & properly delete these files??? They don't appear to be in the utorrent folder in my Program Files...

Thank you lords of the computer

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By default µtorrent doesn't delete to the trash folder. You can enable this in advanced by setting gui.delete_to_trash to true.

Deleting files with µtorrent should immediately clean up the free space and your HD should show more space accordingly. Deleting to the trashcan would NOT free up the space.

FAT filesystems can sometimes misreport free space. Running a chkdsk/scandisk will restore the correct information but I hope you are using NTFS since FAT is outdated and has a couple of serious (nowadays) limits.

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