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WHAT am I doing wrong? 4kbps? WTF?


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Hi. I'm using uTorrent, and it's really starting to grate on me. Not just uTorrent, the whole goddamn thing. The situation is as follows:

Belkin F5D7360-4uk router.

My laptop has a Belkin G+ wireless card (brand new, not faulty)

Speed tests show our download speed as 1500+kbps.

There is NO firewall on this connection.

I have an internal static IP.

The port uTorrent is using is open and forwarded in the router's setup.

I have followed this thread http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/335210 exactly.

I AM on Tiscali and I AM aware that they have a fair usage policy but as far as I can see that only applies 6pm-11pm, and it's not between those times.

Sometimes uTorrent crashes my internet connection completely and I have to reset it.

For the torrent I'm downloading (the new episode of Lost) there are 11350 seeds and 4458 peers, yet at any one time I think I only ever seen it connect to 10 seeds and 5 peers.

Very recently I have seen me connected to 40 peers...

AND YET I AM STILL GETTING DOWNLOAD SPEEDS LESS THAN 10KBPS. In fact, I'm lucky to get any more than 1kbps. And quite often when I open uTorrent it just crashes my net connection entirely and I have to reset it.

I'm going mental here. Can someone tell me where I'm going wrong?

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Okay, thanks, I did that, and it came up 238kbps, so I've changed it to that and I'm still getting nothing upload/download. Plus the little yellow ! triangle icon is still at the bottom.

Actually, now that I've done that, the little yellow triangle has gone to a green tick, and it just crashed my net connection twice. I was only connecting to like 5 of 8500 seeds, too. WTF is happening?

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