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Help Needed Pls!!!!!!!


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It's your ISP, they hate BitTorrent traffic and limit it to almost nothing.

There is little you can do...except give µTorrent almost dial-up settings, so maybe it doesn't make your ISP as mad at you. :(

Your upload speed is probably even worse than your download speed.

I've heard that if you're actually uploading/downloading to someone on the SAME ISP as you that it might be faster, but both of you cannot download/upload to anyone outside the ISP very fast.

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Your ISP considers BitTorrent traffic to be both illegal and excessive. They probably call it running a server on your connection, which is generally a forbidden act for home internet connections. (They'll say you "should" have a business internet connection to do that!)

So they are punishing you for attempting to use a hostile hacker program that overuses their bandwidth. You're looked at more as a criminal than a customer.

Try running Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing the lower-end settings from xx/128k all the way down to dial-up (56k).

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