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NAT error problems (I'll try to do this right)


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Okay, I'm sure I'm the billionth guy you've gone through this with, but I looked through the stickied posts and they don't seem to solve my problem. So, I'm going to try to do this right.

I've gone through the setup guide and configured my network speed. I've enabled the encryption to try to prevent my ISP from blocking me. I don't have a router attached, so I don't need to do any port forwarding. Therefore, I shouldn't need to setup a static IP (in fact, I'm on a university network, so I'm pretty sure I shouldn't). So here's all the info I know to provide.

network status: it's mostly a triangle and a <!>, but sometimes is a red circle with a (!).

connection speed: seems to be around 1-1.2Mbs upload.

operating system: xp home sp1 (maybe should upgrade to sp2)

security software: none at present, only do spyware scans.

router: none, only the routers I connect to for the network of my college

ISP Oklahoma State University, my internet connection is provided by my college

weird problem: when utorrent is active, I can't surf the internet. It majorly interferes. Rarely can I get through to a site. What's up with this?

If there is anything else I need to provide, let me know. I appreciate any help that you can give. Thank you very much.

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Your ISP is almost certainly interfering. Not much can be done to fight the big firewall they use at their internet gateway.

You can try forced protocol encryption without legacy connections...or even use a proxy server/VPN...but that's not likely to get good speeds at all, and is only a last resort to get ANY speed at all!

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