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Crash related feature :D


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There are two features that I'd like to see integrated into my favorite torrent client :D... The first one, due to the frequent crashes, would be for an automated error reporting because it's very irritating to leave utorrent running and when u come back several hours later to find the little error message waiting there for hours instead of just closing and restarting the application. The second one would be some kind of system that allows you to remove/ban certain IP's from accessing your torrents and adding others :D... I don't know how hard the first feature would be to implement but I think it would be a VERY useful one and I'm sure you guys can do it ;)

P.S.: I just remembered a feature I'd like implemented... on many private trackers you have a maximum connection limit and after utorrent crashes several times u get an error saying "connection limit exceeded" and from that point on your traffic isn't taken into account until the tracker's next update (usually 30 min). I was thinking that you could make the program recognize those three words in the same sentence and make it so that the torrent in question is paused until the status changes to "working" :)

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