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General information please help


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only just got utorrent,

a few questions...

im downloading at like 20-25kB/s is that good or bad? cause the movie im downloading is takin ages, its 1.36Gb

my ratio is like 0.315 what does that mean?

when you go to show statistics what does #handshake mean?

and at the bottom of the screen when you click on the peers tab then right click on a peer what happens when you add a peer?/or copy selected hosts.

help? thanx

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Your ratio is the ratio of how much you've uploaded versis downloaded.

If you've downloaded 1000 MB and uploaded 315 MB, then your ratio would be 0.315

If you've downloaded 315 MB and uploaded 1000 MB, then your ratio would be 3.175

Generally, everyone has to have a ratio of 1 or more on average for the torrent to continue. Otherwise, new people joining the torrent will find they cannot complete the torrent.

Your download speed may indeed be a little low. But what is your upload speed?

Have you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and chose the settings that matches your upload bandwidth in kilobits/sec?

2 ips have to "handshake" before they can begin transferring data. It's done to ensure a random ip isn't just an accidental connection.

If you add a peer ip to the list, µTorrent will try to connect to that ip on that torrent. ...Which won't do any good if that ip isn't unfirewalled AND running that torrent.

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