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Odd Slow Speed Problem


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Hmm, my speed has been fine but its gone all slow suddenly. Some facts:

- I have a green tick at the bottom of the screen. My download icons are nearly always a blue arrow.

- I followed the forwarding ports guides and Port 20521 is forwarded successfully.

- I am in the UK have have 4mbps BT Wireless Broadband internet.

- My speed seems to vary a lot. e.g. last night I had 3 downloads running. The sum of the download speeds was 40kbps. When I stopped 2 downloads the other download went from about 13kbps up to the original 40kbps. Surely this shouldn't happen as I should be getting a much higher speed than 40kbps. - I have had 400kbps a few times before but now things seem to have gone slow.

- I have no throttaling processes on I don't think - things like "Scheduler" are disabled. The "Bandwidth usage" is also set to high.

My Internet browsing speed is fine and fast. I don't think I have changed anything since I was getting excellent speeds... The current OOo torrent I have got is only going at 5kbps with no other internet intensive programs running..

I have probably forgotten important details so I'll add them if needed,

Any ideas on the above?


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I'm with BT as well and am suffering from slow downloads. I very rarely have been above 25 kB/s today, though one moment I was over 150 kB/s. I was downloading around this time about 3 or 4 days ago, and download speed was perfect, nice and fast.

HTTP downloads are fine, so is browsing. They download at the speed I am promised. I'm kind of new to all the ISP capping thing. Is this something new BT have added recently?

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