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uploading speed has become slow..


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is any one pls tell me why and what problem has occured in my utorrent, its uploading very slow ie, not more than 15 kb/s. earlier it used to be 60 kb/s. before my download and upload speed had 60 60 each. but now uploading is slow. how can i fix it?

there r so many leechers but it is not uploading more than 10 or 12 kb/s. i have dsl connection of 512kb.

what is this dht nodes? should i keep enable or disable?

my router informations are below,

SpeedStream Router

From the Gateway section you can access and manage Internet connectivity and Home Networking. For diagnostics and statistics go to Gateway Health, and to setup security and firewall settings go to Security. Finally, to change your interface or choose a language, select Customize.

Below is a quick summary of the SpeedStream Gateway information System Type: SpeedStream 6520 Series

DSL Connection Information: UP

Router IP Address:

WAN IP Address:

Firewall: Off

Config Part #: 003-a193-G02

Firmware Part #: 004-E752-A64

MAC Address: 00:13:A3:46:5E:45

Up Time: 0 days, 17 hours, 26 minutes, 47 seconds

i have windows xp home and windows firewall is on but utorrent is in exceptions. as well i have norton antivirus 2006, and there also utorrent is permit.

today i upgraded utorrent to 1.7 beta but again the same problem. in utorrent the down icon is green sometimes but most all the time its yellowish triangular or mostly red icon. it always says there is no incoming connection or no connectivity, u open a port so others can connect u.

pls help..

if u want any more information i will be glad to give up...

waiting for ur reply as soon as possible...



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Have you tested the OpenOffice torrent to see how fast you can download it?

It won't upload very fast though, because there's too many EXTREMELY fast seeds on it.

What are ALL the settings you're using in µTorrent?

(Did you just choose xx/512k in Speed Guide?)

Only list the advanced settings you changed from default.

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my download speed is 60 kb/sec from long time, and it is ok, when ever it gets seeders it download at that rate, but i have problem with upload, it wont cross more than 15 kb/s, earlier it used to be between 45 to 60 kb/s. i didnot change any settings in advance setting , its all set to default. i had changed the setting in speed guide, but now i had selected ++/512k but still the same problem? pls help....

dht also doesnt help. if i set it to enable or disable, nothing difference...

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Stop ALL torrents, disable DHT, and run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) again and do some SPEED TESTS...you need to discover how much usable download and upload bandwidth you have.

Only then can I tell you with any degree of confidence what settings might help.

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I've also same problem. my upload speed suddenly became slow from 30+kb to only about 5kb. my download speed is affected. can anybody pls help me? i tried the speed test and the result is 45kb for downloading and 9kb for uploading. i'm so disappointed.. i didn't change anything in the settings..

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thanks.. but i didn't find anything unusual in my computer. its working perfectly except for utorrent. i could download files about 20-30kb with the use of DAP. i was wondering why my download and upload speed are slow even if i'm connected to 20 seeds and 33 peers.. any other opinions?

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If your ISP isn't throttling, and there's no viruses/worms/just-plain-crappy-commercial-software on your computer, then the only thing I can think of is bad settings in µTorrent.

Try running Speed Guide (CTRL+G) again and selecting the best setting to match your UPLOAD bandwidth in kilobits/sec.

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