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I regularly get disconnected!


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Please help me!! *screams*

I get disconnected every 5 minutes. Sometimes every 10-30 minutes, but thats rare. I have used speedguide, tcpoptimizer and a bunch of other stuff without luck. I've also tried to enter a lower connection type than I have, to see if the line overcompensates or something...


Before I ask my ISP, I wanted to hear with others first.

Is it the modem? utorrent and my configuration? windows vista? my isp?

I dont know.. This is f***ed up :(

Utorrent 161, port 55156 (open)

Network status light: Green

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate.

Firewall: Windows Firewall, with rules for utorrent.

Network Card: Belkin wireless PCI (with Asus antenna)

Modem: VOOD (I dont know wich model, I think 322)

ISP: Tafjord Mimer, Norway. (www.mimer.no)

Connection: ADSL2+ 20000/1000. But atm I just get 11000/600, dont ask me why.

Basic computer hardware: P4 3.5GHz, 2GB RAM, Asus P5AD2-E Premium Motherboard. Systemdisk is a WD Raptor 40GB.

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What's your wireless router?

Wireless connections cannot handle as many ip links at once and high half open rates tend to kill them even when download+upload speeds are not high.

Are you using the xx/640k Speed Guide (CTRL+G) setting?

(Even it will probably allow way too many connections at once, but it's a good tweaking start.)

Your µTorrent download graph shows almost sustained speeds of ~1500 KiloBYTES/sec, so that's already more than 11000 kilobits/sec download bandwidth. You may not be getting max download and upload bandwidth in speed tests because you're too far from the ISP's ADSL2+ exchange. Longer distances get lower speeds...at some point they get no speeds at all.

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Yes, I have used the Speed Guide setting. I've tried xx/640k and even lower.

My router/modem (whats the difference?) is VOOD (322 I think) in the configuration it says ©opyright tilgin.


So it's a common problem that wireless does this? :(

The distance from the antenna to the router isnt that great, 4 meters I believe, just above my head on the second floor.

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