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Details Not Showing


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I've just started using this, and I have to say it's great. However, I'm not sure about a few things.

When I click on a torrent in the main list, it shows me down in the details the amount downloaded and uploaded, the number of seeds and peers, the u/d speed, ETA, and share ratio. But, it doesn't want to tell me the time elapsed, d/u limits, amount wasted, or anything in the Tracker and General categories.

I've gone ahead and tried this on a few machines with IE7, and my home machine with Firefox.

None of them let me see the missing details.

What might I need to change to fix this, or is this part of the WebUI not completed yet?

At any rate, I'm also wondering if that awesome line graph that µTorrent shows you in the Speed tab could be implemented for the WebUI in any way.



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