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slow speeds


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ok so i did speed tests

these are the results:

download : 3308

upload : 323

i did the whole port forwarding thing, i set up my static ip and everything.

i have the green light

i set my speed settings to 384

i dont know what else to do...

if i knew how to send screen shots i would... but my downloads dont go over 15kbps and my uploads are around 3

i used to get like 250kbps and my uploads were around 30ish.

so if anyone can tell me what else i can do it would be appreciated

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Oh, you're on Rogers Cable ISP...they're NOTORIOUS for throttling BitTorrent to stupidly low amounts.

Try the forced encryption mode and reduce the settings all the way down to xx/96k...it's no good to invite lots of connections when you know you're going to get throttled down to <20 KiloBYTES/sec anyhow. They cut into your limited download bandwidth your ISP *WILL* allow.

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