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More of a speed enquiry


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I've been using bit torrent for about a year now and think its amazing. When i first started using it i was getting download speeds of about 35 kB/s. When i finally realised my ISP was ripping me off telling me i couldn't get bb when i could i changed supplier and after reading about port forwarding can usually get download speeds of around 100 kB/s depending on number of seeds and peers.

So to my enquiry, today i've download OpenOffice using bit torrent in the morning 9am ish and it downloaded at a maximum speed of 335 kB/s....wow what is that about. There is nothing different about my computer, connections to the internet or use of Utorrent that this could be down to as everything is just as usual.

It had an good number of seeds and peers but i was only connected to about 17 seeds and not as many peers and i've had much greater numbers of connections when downnloading other files but have never got anywhere near these kind of speeds.

Can anyone tell me what it's about, if you could explain it would be much appreciated :)

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A seed already has everything, so there's nothing you can give it to make your download speed (from it) go faster. The limits on a seed's upload speed on a torrent are both their line's limits AND their settings in their BitTorrent client.

The seeds on the OpenOffice torrent are on some of the fastest internet connections known. I believe a few of them are beyond 100 megabits/sec upload bandwidth. Even 10 gigabits/sec isn't impossible.

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