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Problems using Utorrent ... help pls


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I am unable to download tv-shows such as life on mars or any other shows

I have downloaded utorrent, unistalled my firewall, disabled my antivirus program, tried disabling the windows firewall and worm protection. Nothing seems to work.

I am unable to download torrents directly from any websites for example http://search.utorrent.com/search.php?q=life%20on%20mars&e=http%3a%2f%2fwww%2emininova%2eorg%2fsearch%2f%3futorrent%26search%3d&u=1


I tired to go to "Add torrent by URL" in order to download a tv-show and i get a message saying "Error 'offline (timed out)' while downloading URL.

can someone pls help me i'm lost for words and nothings working

P.S this is the first time i've ever tried using a torrent program so maybe theres something i'm supposed to do before i can start using it properly ...

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Your software firewall/s may be blocking µTorrent. Your router and/or modem may ALSO be blocking µTorrent. All that will likely need manual configuration.

www.portforward.com is a good place to learn more about that.

Also, what you're trying to download may be illegal to download in your area...and that can cause problems too.

Have you tried the OpenOffice torrent? (It's used for testing purposes to see firstly if people can download at all, and secondly for how FAST they can download.)

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