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Speed Problems >_>


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- EVERYTHING you've tried so far, including ANYTHING listed below

- I have a WRT54GS router, installed hyperwrt firmware, edited startup code

- Let utorrent pick a random port, forwarded it in router settings to my already made static ip

- tried turning off UPnP and DHT Network and changing net.max_halfiopen value to 4

- tested my upload connection with DSLReports, set my Global maximum upload rate.

- Turned off randomize port each time

- Changed global maximum number of connections to 200 and tried lower

- Made sure utorrent was allowed for firewall, removed and tried again multiple times

- There was alot of things I tried, pretty sure thats all of them...

- Color of the network status light in µTorrent's status bar (at the bottom of the µTorrent main window)

- Green check mark

- What the port checker from the Speed Guide writes

- Says the port is open.

- What the Speed Guide shows your settings to be (press Ctrl+G in µTorrent)

Upload Limit = 42 kB/s Upload Slots = 8

Connections = 100 Global Connection = 200

Max active torrents = 9 Max active downloads = 8

- Operating system installed (Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95, NT? Something else?)

- Windows XP SP2

- Security software installed (firewall, antivirus, antispyware, antiadware)

- McAfee Firewall/AntiVirus. Windows firewall disabled

- Exact router model(s), and exact modem model

- Linksys WRT54GS v1 (no version on model code)

- ISP (Internet Service Provider) being used

- Comcast, Maryland

- Connection type (DSL, cable, dial-up), and the results obtained from the speed test

- Cable.

Download Speed = 9860 Kb/s

Upload Speed = 337 Kb/s

I'm not really sure why Im getting such low speeds, but Im downloading a file with 13 Seeds and Im capping around 90 kB/s.

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