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New 2 U Torrent SLOW DOWNLOAD!!!!


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hey iv got a 2.21Ghz 1 GIG comp with a 160gig HD (60GIG free) iv got utorrent 1.6.1

iv got 512 broadband but i only seem 2 get around 10kBs download speeds!

iv got 12 out of 68 seeds connected and 58 out of 870 peers connected but i still ony get like around 10-12kBs a sec? the light is green and iv already maped the ports (40712)

what am i doing wrong????? with my broadband speed and all my seeds shouldnt i be geting faster downloads than this?

oh i almost forgot what should my upload and download be set to? consitering my 512 btoadband?

plz help


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