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Erratic Downloads - Large Peaks and Troughs


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Ok so this is my first time using uTorrent, I usually use Bitcomet and found everyone on the net saying how great uTorrent was, I checked the features list and it seemed very promising so I got and tweaked and did all the port forwarding etc. (the only thing I have'nt done is the "half open ports patch")

uTorrent 1.2

My Network Status is OK

my option changes are -

Global Max Upload - 10kbps

Global Max Download - 300kbps

Global Max Number of Connections - 300

Max Number of Peers Connected peers per torrent - 100

Number of Upload Slots - 10

DHT is enabled

Enable Scraping is enabled (this makes me stupid, I don't know what this does)

In advanced options I changed

net.low_cpu to false

net.max_halfopen to 50 (this is the setting I've got in Bitcomet but I never get more than 4 or 5 open unless I've got more than 1 torrent going or when a torrent is starting up)

diskio_write_queue_size to 2000

So I start downloading a fairly popular torrent and instead of a rise to a peak download rate within 30 seconds (as with Bitcomet), it take about 5 minutes, can't complain too much about that.

The thing that's really annoying is I get 10- 20 seconds of 31kbps followed by 45-60 seconds of 5kbps while the upload is merrily chugging away at 5kbps.

I've got about 314 DHT peers and half of the total seeds and peers.

I know the following is in no way able to compare the 2 torrent programs but I opened the same torrent in Bitcomet (after exiting uTorrent), and it does its hash check then starts downloading and gets up to 30 to 35kbps withing 15-30 seconds or so and it only deviates between 30 and 35kbps. I thought that was strange, and is the main reason Bitcomet is currently my primary BT client.

One time however I did start uTorrent straight after closing Bitcomet and it got up to 31kbps within 15 seconds and stayed as stable as the upload line which was basically horizontal all the way, I don't know how that happened but I want to reproduce it, I hadn't even changed any of my options and this gave me the message that there was still hope yet!

What the hell is going on here? :)

(31 and 35kbps is not my top speed but it is for this specific torrent.)

Sorry I mean what am I doing wrong and how can I smooth out this choppiness, I scheduled a task during my throttle time in the middle of the night and downloaded only 35mb!

If Bitcomet gets a scheduler and some of the extra options that uTorrent has, uTorrent will be out, if I can get uTorrent to work smoothly and quickly then Bitcomet will be out - this isn't a client A vs. client B topic, it's me trying to work out how to get a good solid download from uTorrent.

Any help would be appreciated

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I got 88 views in my thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=2081

And no posts, I kinda think that no one has any suggestions, and they don't want to admit that there is an issue...somewhere, with something. :)

Right now, my speed graph for download has a low of about 72 and high of 104kB..and my upload is level at 16kB and the ONLY torrent I am seeding has uhm..well, over 100,000 leechers and it is at 3-7kB.


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You've got a very similar problem to what I have except you seem to have more bandwith than me, however the variation is still about 30kbps between peaks and troughs.

I bit the bullet and applied the windows patch to allow more half open connections. I've set it to 50 open.

Maybe if I post a pic -


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I've got a much less erratic download by -

reducing Global max upload to 5kBps

Global max download to unlimited

reducing number of upload slots to 3

Global max connections 800

Global max connections per torrent 300

specifying net bind ip (I'm on a network but I doubt this is helping)

net max half open connections to 50 (patch applied)

diabled ipfilter (my firewall already screens malicious P2P addresses)

diskio write size to 2048

The speeds are still more erratic than Bitcomet but have reduced to varying about 5-10kbps.

However Bitcomet is still way faster, both are approximately the same to start off with but after 5 minutes, the number of peers I can grab via Bitcomet allow it to get ahead on any torrent.

I tried another torrent which is very popular (3000 seeds, 700 leechers).

uTorrent took some time to get to 30kBps and it remained there quite well, I put it in BitComet and in the same time Bitcomet was downloading at 306kBps, it was only being held back by the global max download!

Obviously I haven't tweaked uTorrent correctly.

When I'm running 2 torrents together the cumulative is always 30kBps, how and why is this happening?

For the exact same 2 torrents on Bitcomet I'm getting 450kBps+ !!!!!!!!

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I've solved my problem to a certain extent, it's not a flat line but it's not capped off at 30kBps anymore.

I found my firewall had implemented a new feature and was interpreting all the Bitcomet peers or the DHT network peers as IP spoofing my ethernet security, I turned that off, in addition I allowed uTorrent to loopback via

This allowed me to start downloading speed I expec - in excess of 150kBps / torrent but the high speed graph looks like the first graphic of yours.

What firewall do you use (if any) as this could be the problem and may need to be configured further.

I'm still upoading 5kbps.

I've also returned diskio write queue size to -1

Another idea would be to keep halving your upload limit till you come to a satisfactory outcome plus limit the upload slots (I'm only using 3).

And decrease the number of peers to 100 / torrent if not well populated, if populated well increase the peer limit per torrent higher.

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Just to add to this,

I currently get downloads very similar to these, every few seconds.

100k, 402k, 620k, 56k, 5k, 22k, 12k, 126k, 33k, 9k.

It NEVER evens out, and I'm always left with the most unreliable ETA, I've ever seen.

I can download the same torrent, on bittornado (for example), and it will eventually even out, depending on the torrent, to around 3-400k.

Currently using the following settings, after following many guides.


I'm currently on 8Mb ADSL, and although it never tops out at my max bandwidth, it rarely goes under 300k.

This is a brilliant client, ever developing, with a tiny memory footprint, uses few resouces, and never crashes.

But this erratic downloading, is putting me off using it on a regular basis.

Any ideas ?

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