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uTorrent and blueyonder speed issue


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Ok guys im looking for some info here ok

im on a 4mb line with blueyonder so shold be able or reaching speeds of 1.5mb/s with no issues (done it with http)

i noticed my speeds were slow so checked the port on my netgear router (WGT624 v3) and its open , but uTorrent still reports it closed. i have my upload speed capped to 35kb/s but do not even acchieve that thats how bad this is.

im on win xp with sp2 installed, and have the latest build of uTorrent.

does anyone know what is up with the service. are blueyonder blocking ports without me knowing? am i behind a proxy i dont know about? is there any way to tell?

please donate just 2 seconds of your time and help a starving bandwidth connection today ;)

cheers guys

sorry about posting in the wrong section before too

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