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slow speeds


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Up limit: 35kbs

Up slots: 4

connections per torrent: 100

connections global: 80

max active downloads: 2

os: xp sp2 pro edition

protection: AVG

router:belkin wireless router - FD57230-4

modem:Webstar DPC2100

ISP: Rogers Highspeed Express


download speed:3513kbps

upload speed:348kbps


thats all of my info, my port is forwarded properly and it shows a green light. but my speeds are still capping out at 9kb/s

are any of my settings wrong? what would you guys do if u had my connection?

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When you say speeds, do you mean download AND upload speeds?

Rogers caps/throttles/tortures BitTorrent traffic...probably to less than 20 KiloBYTES/sec.

Belkin routers can seldom sustain having more than 60 connections TOTAL at once or a half open rate over 4.

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