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My upload speed is limited to 52kbps. Ihave done a speed test these are the results;

IP profile - 6500kbps

DSL conection rate

down stream -8096kbps

up stream -448kbps

Am i right in thinking my conection type is xx/10Mbit and what else can i do to improve the upload rate?

Thanks for any help

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No. xx/10Mbit refers to a ten megabit upload rate, not download. Change your settings to around xx/512. Realistically, you won't be getting much better of an upload rate than 52 KB/s on a 512 upstream. The theoretical maximum for your line is 64 KB/s, but you'll never actually reach it. Do not set it to 10Mb, or you'll completely saturate your connection and reduce your download speed substantially.

If you need the best speeds your connection can give you, then just use the speed guide and tweak manually as needed.

Good luck.

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