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Port 65535?


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I have no Idea how torrent handels with ports but I assumed that if I have the default listening port on 32459 all incoming connections from other peers would try to only that port. So do I need to open other ports also as below to have more connections? I just assumed that 65535 was by some troijan as there are some active ones using that port, ofcourse it can just be someone using a custom port but I thought all inbound connections would have been on 32459. Because of all the connection tries on port 65535 Zonealarm started to eat quite a lot of resources so finaly I made a block from hardware side.

Azureus: 6881

BitComet: 12242

BitTornado: 10000-10004, 10000-10004

BitTorrent: 6881-6889

ABC: 6881-6999

Shareaza: 6346, 6346


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