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Monthly Bandwidth Limits


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Where I live the ISP has a monthly download and upload limit. (20 down 10 up)

The Month's start date and end date are different for everyone with this ISP. (might be 20th to 19th for me but 10th to 9th for someone else)

Would it be possible to either monitor or limit the amount of torrent data I send and receive in a month based on a date I choose?

Monitor would simply tell me how much I'm sent / received from some day of the month (maybe year, week, day??) to some day of the month (day / week / year).

Limit would actually stop me from downloading or uploading more then some entered amount for that period.

That would be a killer feature as I wouldn't have to be overly limiting on my seeding as I'm never sure exactly how much will get uploaded for the month (or even each torrent).

Thanks for the best torrent program yet.. looking forward to each new version.

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