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Problem with connection


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Iv open the nessary ports to be able to download, but Im am still getting a "no incomming connections" error from the triangle at the bottem of my screen. When i click on it and try the port forwarding test i get the error "Port XXXXX does not appear to be open." Im running a HP on Xp home SP2, with a Belkin N1 wireless router, Model: F5D8231-4. The ports were opened using portforward.com Im also using Verizon DSL, 512K speed. Iv set the max upload spped to 1 Kb/s just trying to get a download speed higher then the average 1.4 Kb/s. Also i have UPnP port mapping disabled, but it doesent seem to do anything more if enabled. Anything anyone could do to help ym slow connection speed or fix my "no incomming connections" error would be greatly apperciated, and if I'v left out any info that could be helpfull please bring it up.

~Thanks, Bill

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