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I got a new cable box and i was getting speeds of like 100kb upload ..while i normally could only get 40kb. But when i start up it will stay stable at 100kb for a while but then it will go back down to 40kb and I used the speed test that the program recommends and i'm getting this warning "Your connection shows signs of ISP upload compression."

what should i do about it?

Hope this helps its from the faqs

The status light is always green

The port checker is sometimes open or closed but it doesn't really seem to make a difference, and my download speed is 5713kb and upload is 675 ...the best i've gotten Using utorrent is and upload speed of 275

My os is windows XP

My only security software is webroot spysweeper and spybot..I don't use much since I never really have had problems with viruses as I don't download porn in .exe files >.>

My router is a D-link model Di-524 my modem is a cable scientific Atalanta dpc2100

my isp ..is comcast

if you need any other information ask

can i get some love?

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