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DHT not allowed!?!?!


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Hello, first off and foremost I have read the STICKY titled...DHT Not Working? Things to check.

I have done everything that was posted in that forum that applied to my situation. Basically I go to download a torrent and it fails saying that - DHT: Not Allowed and above that that the tracker is not allowed and that i am only allowed to seed and not leech. At the bottom of the application my DHT says i am connected to 240+ nodes.

Things that i have done are as follows:

- Went into appdata folder and did as told in the original sticky

- Made sure that my router was forwarding the right TCP/UDP port

- I dont run any software firewall

- I own my internet company and have direct access to the internet and am not behind any hardware firewall at all. I am my own ISP.

- Everything was working fine just a few days ago...and now...NOTHING.

- I have tried over 8 different files and still the same result...

PLEASE HELP....Thanks in advance!


Ohh and I am running MS XP SP2 and Utorrent Ver. 1.6.1 build 490

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'DHT not allowed' means the torrent was made with the private bit set, so that clients can't use DHT on that torrent. IIRC: Private trackers use this to keep their torrents from 'leaking' out of their community and to prevent ratio-cheating. It's not a problem/bug/unexpected thing, it's just how the torrent was made.

'Tracker not allowed' sounds like you've download a torrent from a private tracker on which you have no account, or you haven't logged in to the account so the tracker doesn't recognize you as a valid peer yet.

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